How to Get Google to Reindex Your Website Quickly


How to Get Google to Reindex Your Website Quickly

Every business wants visibility , but publishing a new post or updating your website content doesn't guarantee that it gets visible on google search results right away. This usually takes some time but there's a way to make google reindex your site content quickly- by using the tool "Fetch as google" on google console. This will force google to reindex your blog or your post right away upon submission and make the changes visible on search results.

Ever wonder when did google last take a peak on your site? Well, there's an easy way to do that. Search your own site by pasting in your URL to search input , once search results appear click the drop down beside your web address and clicked cache.

Let's get started with Google Search Console

1. Create Gmail Account (Skip this step if you already have a gmail account)
Its necessary to have a gmail email account or a white labeled email will do

2. Login to google console
go to:

3. Add your site
click "add property" and verify your site

4. Select your blog/site
Once selected , go to dashboard > crawl > Fetch as google

Reindex Blog Post To Google

5. Perform a fetch
You can add your link to the input box beside your site or reindex your homepage
Select Fetch and Render (leave it blank if you want the homepage to be fetch)

fetch by google
6. Request Indexing
Once submitted , the status will start loading and you will see option for "Request Indexing"

indexed by google

7. Choose your options
Pop up appears for more options , please choose depends on how do you want the link to be crawl

indexed by google fetch by google

Click Submit to queue your request.

Recrawling is not immediate or guaranteed.
Google doesn't guarantee it index all your changes, as Google relies on a complex algorithm to update indexed materials.

The test i did was successful most of my new post was already indexed and appears  on search results. To do the test , just copy your entire post URL and paste it on google search . If its successful you will see the post on search results.

How did it go? Do you encounter any issue with this tutorial? Do let me know by leaving a comment below.